Posts by BEIT

  1. 2023 QHack Competition


    Join #QHack2023 – a top-tier quantum computing hackathon featuring coding challenges, an open hackathon for creative teams, and a meme contest.

  2. WEF Retreat San Francisco


    Paulina Mazurek was one of the panelists at the panel focusing on quantum computing and cybersecurity during World Economic Forum Global Technology Governance Retreat in San Francisco.

  3. WEF Technology Pioneers 2022


    World Economic Forum selected BEIT, as one of the four Quantum Computing companies to make the Technology Pioneers list of 2022.

  4. IBM Quantum Challenge results


    We are proud to announce that three of our employees placed among the top ten of the IBM November 2020 Quantum Challenge finals.

  5. World’s best results for quantum unstructured search on Honeywell Quantum System HØ


    BEIT engineers, supported by Honeywell Quantum Solutions Team, conducted several experiments on Honeywell System Model H0 quantum computer. This machine uses qubits built using trapped-ion technology, arranged in a 6-qubit quantum register with all to all connectivity. Honeywell System Model H0 had achieved Quantum Volume of 64 - making it one …

  6. BEIT at Q2B Conference


    Wojciech Burkot and Witold Jarnicki at Q2B Conference

    Wojciech Burkot and Witold Jarnicki at Q2B Conference.

    The Q2B conference was at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. It was about practical quantum computing applications in optimization, simulation, machine learning and cryptography for industry.

    Our Co-Founder and Chief Mathematics Officer, Witold Jarnicki, was honored to hold a …

  7. Wojciech speaking alongside Peter, Alan, Michael and Ryan


    Wojciech speaking alongside Peter, Alan, Michael and Ryan

    Our Co-Founder, Wojciech Burkot, speaking about difficulties and opportunities for quantum computing during The Frontier in Quantum Computing speaker series.

    Together with Peter Wittek from UoT, Michael Helander president and CEO of OTI Lumionics, Alan Baratz representing D-Wave and Ryan Karle acting for Rigetti Computing, he was trying to state …

  8. Quantum Machine Learning Bootcamp


    CDL, Toronto

    Our meeting with Peter resulted in BEIT application to CDL program. After several interviews, we got accepted and started CDL adventure. If you want to learn more about the Bootcamp and hackathon, where Adam & Łukasz won Rigetti Computers’ prize, click here.

  9. QIPLSIGML Conference


    Adam Szady holding quantum workshop

    The conference took place at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow on 26th to 28th of April 2018. BEIT got involved in organisational arrangements.

    Our CPO, Wojtek Burkot, shared some of the first results of our project run within the "Quick path" by Narodowe Centrum Badań i …