IBM Quantum Challenge results

We are proud to announce that for the second time in a row, three of our employees placed among the top ten of the IBM November 2020 Quantum Challenge finals. This time the event was centered around Grover’s algorithm and QRAM implementation. We found the problem challenging and the competition stiff.

The goal of the final exercise was to solve a particular search problem with the lowest possible number of gates used, while keeping the whole computation quantum-side. Only around 250 out of the 2000 participants managed to solve the problem. According to the official results (which can be found here), the top score was 4004. Our results were the following.

All the results below the original threshold of 10,000, lowered after one of BEITers presented the first result below that.

CEO of BEIT, Paulina Mazurek says:

The contests like IBM Quantum Challenge do not only provide fun for the engineers, but let them experiment with their concepts and get inspiration from other solutions. These are the best grounds to let them see for themselves where they are against the other participants.