Concluding 2022 with a visit to Silicon Valley

At BEIT, being a frugal startup, we do not go to conferences unless invited to the stage, which usually means someone else picks up the tab. This way, tracking our presence at leading industry conferences is a great way to see the progress along our roadmap.

In 2018, Witek Jarnicki presented our findings on quantum annealing at Q2B18. Besides the talk, we got two patents for “quantum inspired” QUBO solver, which is now a product available on AWS Marketplace.

Two years later, I had the pleasure to present at Q2B20 the then (and now) world's best implementation of unstructured search. This was possible thanks to our theoretical work, improving on state-of-the-art time complexity for an algorithm solving Grover search and for its hardware-aware implementation for Honeywell System H0, also patented.

This year looks like a windfall: I am presenting at Q2B22 on the results of our collaboration with Q-CTRL (we operate in stack layers next to each other). No spoiling — compounding the benefits leads to another world's best result. Stay tuned. Our fearless CEO Paulina Mazurek is on a panel there, too.

Last but not least, a week before Q2B there is another large conference — Quantum World Congress. Our CEO facilitates a workshop, and I am pitching, as we got selected to the finals of the pitch competition, which comes with 3 passes to the conference.

What a great way to conclude a fruitful year of work and collaborations!