Quantum Algorithms Researcher

Company Description

BEIT is a quantum computing algorithms startup founded by a team of ex-Google engineers and directors. We are a venture-backed, and grant-funded company with research offices in downtown Toronto (Queen's Park), and Kraków, Poland. We are dedicated to reducing resource overheads and optimizing the interaction between physical quantum systems and their controlling algorithms as well as discovering new classes of problems that offer a quantum advantage.

Role Description

This is a full-time, on-site role located in Toronto, ON, for a Quantum Algorithms Researcher. The Quantum Algorithms Researcher will be integral in developing innovative quantum algorithms, with a focus on devising solutions for complex computational problems. Responsibilities include theorizing and developing quantum algorithms, implementing and testing them, and working collaboratively with an interdisciplinary team of experts in physics, mathematics, and computer science. Your expertise in areas such as quantum optimization algorithms, quantum machine learning, graph theory, and algorithmic quantum complexity will be essential. Experience in applying quantum algorithms to practical applications in diverse fields, including cryptography, optimization, and quantum simulation, is highly valuable. This role demands a strong foundation in quantum computing theory and the ability to translate theoretical concepts into practical algorithms.


  • MS/Ph.D. in Quantum Computing, Physics, Mathematics, or a related field.
  • Demonstrated expertise in the development and implementation of quantum algorithms.
  • Proficient in software development, particularly in programming languages like Python and Qiskit.
  • Strong foundation in quantum theory and its application to algorithm development.
  • Experience in applying quantum algorithms to practical problems in areas like cryptography, optimization, or quantum simulation.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English, with the ability to effectively collaborate in cross-functional teams.
  • Proven track record of research in quantum algorithms, evidenced by publications in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Familiarity with quantum hardware and an understanding of the limitations and capabilities of current quantum technologies.
  • Experience with interdisciplinary projects, integrating concepts from physics, mathematics, and computer science.
  • Prior experience in patent application processes is a plus.