1. Anyons in a highly-entangled toric xy model

    We show that in some sense the only obstruction for a toric xy model to have a topological order is a \(U(1)\) gauge action.

  2. Benchmarking 16-element quantum search algorithms on IBM quantum processors

    We present experimental results on running 4-qubit unstructured search on IBM quantum processors. Our best attempt attained probability of success around 24.5%. We try several algorithms and use the most recent developments in quantum search to reduce the number of entangling gates that are currently considered the main source …

  3. Quantum Computing Algorithms for NISQ Era

    A talk about a family of algorithms especially constructed for NISQ computers promising much better results at currently available qubit counts and circuit depths.

    Presented during the Quantum Computing Meetup in Washington, DC.

    Presentation slides can be found here.